NINO | LED Daylight
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NINO | LED Daylight

NINO LED | Backlight LED Daylight

Complete NINO aluminum rail system with LED backlight and WAVE runners to achieve perfect waves on the curtain. Professional LED backlight with a 5-year warranty.

  • 100 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 200 cm
  • 250 cm
  • 300 cm
  • 350 cm
  • 400 cm
  • 450 cm
  • 500 cm
  • 550 cm
  • 600 cm
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Additional information

NINO LED | Backlight LED Daylight

Complete NINO aluminum rail system with LED backlight and WAVE runners to achieve perfect waves on the curtain.

The complete rail includes :

  • Endings
  • ceiling brackets every approx. 50 - 70 cm / 1 pc
  • WAVE runners connected with a string 8 cm apart
  • hooks on each runner
  • professional LED strip 24 V / 120 LEDs/m / light color Daylight 4000 k
  • SLIDER 1 remote control
  • receiver for LED strip
  • power source 24V / power according to the length of the rail
  • connecting material for assembly (dowels and screws)

Features :

  • turn off / on
  • dimming

Installation option :

  • intended for installation directly in the ceiling

LED lighting temperature :

  • It is given in K (Kelvins) Warm white / Neutral white - Daylight / Cool white

Curtain pulling direction:

  • in the case of WAVE rail systems, it is necessary to correctly choose the direction of pulling the curtain when ordering

Notice :

  • Rails longer than 5.00 m have power outlets from both ends of the rail
  • We recommend the complete implementation, delivery and sewing of curtains from our company in order to achieve a high-quality and perfect effect of waving curtains.

How to order a rail to the exact size:

Brief instructions on how to order a rail of the desired size:

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If you wish to make the rail to the exact size in the product customization section, enter your desired size (for example, 148 cm, 148.50 cm, ) and save by clicking on "SAVE CUSTOMIZATION". If you are satisfied with the selected length of 150 cm, you must enter it in the customization section product 150 cm

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Enter the desired quantity.

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