Glydea ULTRA 35e WT
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Glydea ULTRA 35e WT

Glydea provides a discreet, flexible and robust solution for motorizing all types of draperies and with wide array of control options

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  • Brushed aluminum
  • Champagne
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Glydea ULTRA 35e WTGlydea ULTRA 35e WT€460.000

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Simple, Easy And Comfortable Solution

- Very quiet run

- Control of hinges without the slightest effort

Gentle Control Of The Hinge

- Slow travel and downhill is gentle on the hitch

- Refresh feature

Unobtrusive Installation For Every Interior

- The guide rails and their fasteners are designed to minimize light transmission between the rail and the ceiling

- The drive can be fastened to the rails on the rails

- Hidden cable