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Nina io

The central touchscreen remote control, which makes communication with the device intuitive, brings new feelings and lets you listen to your desires.

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Intuitive product:

Touch screen for intuitive communication and precise control

An interface tailored to your needs for settings that suit your home (icons and names of applications and rooms)

Personalized main application management needs: individual or group control of individual devices

Scenario creation to program your NINA according to your rhythm

Natural control: You can control your favorite device with a simple gesture

Attractive design:

Elegant and sensual object with an ergonomic shape that is comfortable to touch

Design complement in perfect harmony with your aesthetic sensation

Covers Collection: Choose from 4 different cover materials in stylish and elegant shades

Naturally intuitive:

As a natural movement of your hand

Just touch the screen to choose, control, integrate, memorize, and set up all your devices at home:

You can control devices either individually or as a group

Configure your devices according to your home needs

Exact control

Creating Scenarios

Natural control functions (Somfy products only): After setting up the interface, just touch the screen and control any device in the house. One simple move ... as if you were sorry.

Naturally attractive: In perfect harmony with your aesthetic sensation

Elegant and sensual object with an ergonomic shape that is comfortable to touch.

A design add-on that fits perfectly with your environment.

And its look will adapt to your needs: choose from 5 different cover materials in stylish and elegant shades.

Easily customizable: Nina's range of products is designed to meet your needs.

Blinds, blinds, garage and entrance gates, lights, security system, Velux, pergola ... Nina remote control detects all your devices, which you can set and control, and enjoy the complete comfort at home.

The Nina range of drivers is equipped with io-homecontrol® technology to ensure easier operation and greater power.


Nina io